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Luiseño Bike Park

Quick Details

Adult Day Pass Ages 13+
Child Day Pass Ages 12 & under

Welcome to Luiseño Bike Park, a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure nestled in the scenic La Jolla Campground.

Inspired by the Luiseño people’s rich history and connection to the land, we are a unique mountain biking destination dedicated to fostering a love for the outdoors and the exhilarating sport of mountain biking.

Spread across diverse and rugged terrain, Luiseño Bike Park offers an expansive network of trails designed for riders of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner finding your balance or an expert rider seeking thrilling descents, our meticulously crafted trails provide an unparalleled biking experience. But Luiseño Bike Park is more than just a bike park; it’s a testament to our commitment to outdoor recreation, environmental stewardship, and the promotion of physical fitness. As we grow, we will continue to enhance our trails, improve our amenities, and promote a safe, inclusive, and fun environment for everyone.


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