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General Rules

What to know before you arrive

Our General Rules

Please note: We are no longer allowing outside firewood: Do not bring firewood from the outside. Wood is available at the La Jolla Trading post. Southern California has infestation of beetles (gold-spotted oak borer) Click this link to learn more about the gold-spotted oak borer:

Our goal is to keep the campground safe for many generations to come.

1. No glass bottles in the campground (bottles will be confiscated.)
2. No pets permitted in campground. Except service animals with valid permits.
3. All radios must be always at a minimal sound and must be off by 10:00 p.m.
4. No tree cutting/carving or defacing campground property.
5. No bicycle riding after dusk; helmets must be always worn.
6. No electric bicycles, or electric scooter use permitted in campground.
7. 5 MPH speed limit must be always observed.
8. No firearms, paintball guns, bows & arrows, knives, or axes permitted in campground. (Listed items will be confiscated and become property of the La Jolla Band of Indians if found in violation.)
9. Fires must be in designated areas (when there are no fire restrictions.)
10. Please extinguish fires before leaving.
11. Drive on designated roads in the campground.
12. You cannot dump solid or liquid waste into the river.
13. No ATVs or golf carts allowed.
14. No outside firewood is permitted. Firewood is available for purchase at
the La Jolla Trading Post.
15. No portable toilets, or portable shower use permitted om campground
16. The RV area allows one tow vehicle only for trailers, and one (2) person tent.

Violation if any rules will be cause for immediate removal from campground premises.