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Trading Post

Hours of Operation

6:00am-9:00pm 7 days a week

Fresh hot Coffee brewed every morning ready when doors open with a friendly greeting from our staff members!

French Vanilla, Salted Carmel and Mocha iced coffee to cool you down on the hot days with a boost of energy.

Breakfast on the go

french toast and bacon egg cheese tornados warm on the rollers

Lunch on the go

Chili cheese nachos

Pizza, beef ranchero, pepper jack cheese tornados and your choice of beef, cheddar or polish hotdogs

Icee slushy machine with delicious flavors the kids will love along with ice cream door filled with different types of your favorite ice creams

Cant forget our famous F’REAL machine that blends up milkshakes and smoothies flavors such as mango, strawberry banana, vanilla, oreo, snickers, cool mint and more.

Beer cave located in the back of the store with IPA, Modelo, Budweiser and more. (must be 21 or older to enter)

Clean indoor public restrooms.

6 gas pumps with 4 grade options

  • unleaded
  • mid
  • premium
  • diesel

contact info 760-742-0460


Ice Bags

  • 7 lb bags – $3.50 +tax
  • 20 lb bags-$6.50 +tax
  • Wood Bundles-$7.48 +tax
  • 5 Gallon Propane Cylinders exchange $29.99 +tax – full purchase $72.99 +tax

We have a wide variety of name brand tobacco products, but our most popular brand is the Native American Seneca cigarettes

  • $6.00+tax for a pack
  • $50.00+tax for carton